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Who we are

About Hawkflight Construction.

Hawkflight Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Mngane Ncube.

The initial thrust of the company was construction activities directed mainly servicing of stands as well as the development and construction of both residential and commercial buildings.
However the company has since expanded and diversified into other fields of Civil Engineering and associated infrastructural projects.

Hawkflight offers turnkey solutions to the construction needs of our diverse clientele who include businesses, churches and individuals in both low density and high density areas.
In order to keep housing costs manageable the company manufactures most of construction material through its Devsan Trading Division.Hawkkflight is a member of Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ).

The Emthunzini Project is aimed at providing low cost housing to the generality of the public who cannot afford basic housing. This follows the successful completion of a similar pioneer Project at Pelandaba West in conjunction with the Bulawayo City Council.
It is being done under the auspices of the Umguza Rural District Council which administers the area, located adjacent to Pumula South Township in Bulawayo.

This is designed for clients to pay an affordable deposit and start paying low monthly installments whilst they house is being constructed. When the house is constructed after twelve months or so, the clients take occupation and continue paying for a period of twelve years after which they assume ownership of the house. The uptake of this project which started in 2010 is at such a rate that the targeted three thousand(3000) housing units that the land can accommodate are fast running out.

We have also just started the construction of a state of the art, commercial centre, in Cowdray Park. This is being done in conjunction with the Bulawayo City Council. The project is penciled for completion by the end of the year, all things being equal.

Why Hawkflight?


Hawkflight Construction, has a manufacturing division named Devsan that sells its production to the Emthunzini Housing Scheme project.


All Building Materials from Roof Tiles, Bathroom Tiles and Brick but to mention a few are all in house hence reducing costs by big margins.


Hawkflight Construction as the land developer has aquired the land for their projects at affordable rates and inhouse manufacturing making house's aforedable.


The Devsan Trading, Division manufactures building material such as clay and concrete bricks, roofing tiles and pavers among other things. It has two brick manufacturing plants at Kelvin West industrial area and Waterford in Bulawayo.


Devsan produces approximately 50 000 bricks daily fostering synergies within Hawkflight Constructions operations, This ensures speedy completion of projects and guarantees quality. We also factor in individual customer specific needs from construction material & manufacturing to final construction and delivery.

Our Team

Details of the aforementioned would be placed here in brief (Qualifications)

Details of the aforementioned would be placed here in brief (Qualifications)

Details of the aforementioned would be placed here in brief (Qualifications)

Details of the aforementioned would be placed here in brief (Qualifications).

Projects & Goals


  • Enthunzini Township Development
  • High Density Land Development & Housing in Plumtree
  • Low Density Residential Construction & Renovation Works
  • International Motel along Plumtree Highway in Bulawayo
  • Partnered Beitbridge Town Council for Low Density Housing
  • Road Works

  • Road Construction Tender with BINGA RDC
  • Rehabilitation of our Country (Zimbabwe) Road Network
  • Procurement of Road Surfacing Eqiupment from America
  • Mining

  • 55 Mine Claims in the Southern Region of Zimbabwe
  • Hawkflight's Milling Capacity is over 100 Tones per day
  • Startup Cap-Expenditure Financial Aid to Small Scale Miners
  • Hawkflight procures Equipment & Machinery for Small Scale Miners
  • Values

  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Punctuality & Accuracy
  • Vision

  • Delivering Creative Project
  • Quality Project Solutions
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Employment & Value Creation
  • Mission

  • Affordable Housing
  • Professional Engineering
  • Long-term Relationship Management
  • Road Network Revamping (Zimbabwe)