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We are here to help Zimbabweans with Affordable Housing


Registration is only USD$5.00, Bring Four (4) copies Identity Card, Two (2) Witnesses with Certified copies of Indentity Cards, One (1) Gaunrantor with proof of Income


Buying Property on the Emthunzini Housing Scheme can either be cash or through a selection of the rooms in the apartment and monthly installments for 12 years on a monthly retainer


Hawk Flight Construction caters for registered Real Estate Agents in and around the Country that would want to buy properties and or build properties to their desired specifications or design


Pay for your Emthunzini Housing Scheme for personal property buyers as-well as developed stands for sale to Agents, ranging from 200 Square Metres to 450 Square Metres and beyond

Our Housing Scheme

Properties we have developed for the Emthunzini Housing project
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Devsan Trading

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Hawkflight Contruction

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Emthunzini Housing

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Devsan Trading

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Hawkflight Construction

Home Construction
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Hawkflight Construction

Dam Construction
  • Derby Hotel is an awesome place that we are proud to say Hawkflight Construction did justice to.Derby Hotel Board
  • A marvelous job was done from renovations to construction of facilities on our campus, thumbs up.United College of Education
  • We have worked with Hawkflight Construction for over 5 years and counting and their work is commendable.Bulawayo City Council

Our Clients

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